Hyperbaric Chamber in Baltimore, MD

Hyperbaric Chamber in Baltimore, MD

A hyperbaric chamber is a specialized unit used to administer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a type of treatment with many health benefits. This therapy works by creating a pressurized environment allowing a patient to breathe in pure oxygen, thereby increasing oxygen uptake. This enhanced oxygen absorption can lead to better tissue function and accelerated healing. The use of hyperbaric chambers has shown promise in treating various health conditions such as decompression sickness, certain types of infections, air bubbles in blood vessels, and stubborn wounds related to diabetes or radiation injury. 
InVein Aesthetics, based in Baltimore, MD, offers top-tier hyperbaric chamber treatments to patients seeking enhanced recovery and healing. The therapy is designed for many patients – from those with severe injuries to those seeking improved neurological function. While the time it takes to see results can vary depending on the individual and the treatment condition, many patients begin to observe improvements after the first few sessions. As for the duration of the results, consistent treatment often yields sustained benefits. So why wait? Unleash your body’s healing potential with our hyperbaric oxygen therapy at InVein Aesthetics today.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers include


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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

45 minutes: $95

30 minutes: $80

A pressurized oxygen atmosphere: Speeds up healing process, decreases inflammation, reduces pain, creates new blood vessels & stem cells, fights premature aging, regenerates bones and muscles, increases brain cells production


A session in a hyperbaric section often feels comfortable and relaxing, except for a possible sensation of fullness in the ears due to the increased pressure.

The average length of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session is between sixty and ninety minutes.

Potential side effects can include sinus discomfort, ear pressure, or temporary vision changes, which are typically minor and resolve following the treatment.
The number of necessary sessions is dependent on the specific condition being treated. Many patients, however, observe significant improvements after only a few sessions.
Insurance coverage for hyperbaric treatment depends on your specific insurance provider and the medical condition being treated. Consult with your provider for precise information.

When administered under the supervision of trained healthcare professionals, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is safe and generally well-tolerated.



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