Laser Hair Removal in Baltimore, MD

Laser Hair Removal in Baltimore, MD

Laser Hair Removal is the ultimate solution for achieving silky-smooth, hair-free skin. This non-invasive procedure harnesses the power of focused laser light to target and eliminate hair follicles, preventing future hair growth. Men and women turn to Laser Hair Removal for a convenient and effective way to eliminate unwanted hair.

Results become noticeable after just a few sessions, and the best part is that these results can last for an extended period, making Laser Hair Removal a fantastic choice for those searching for a long-lasting hair removal solution. Don’t wait any longer to experience the benefits of hair-free skin – book an appointment with InVein Aesthetics in Baltimore, MD, today!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


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60 minutes


Face Chin $350

Upper Lip $350

Side Burns $350

Neck $450

Full face $1500

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Face & Neck

45 minutes


Upper Body Back $1200

Stomach $650

Chest $650

Underarms $500

Arms $1000

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Lower Body Bikini $750

Brazilian $1500

Legs $1200

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Face & Neck

45 minutes


Unlimited Head to Toe $3250


Technological advancements make Laser Hair Removal suitable for various skin tones and hair colors.

You can expect noticeable hair reduction within a few weeks to a few months after starting Laser Hair Removal. Full and optimal results are typically achieved after 6 to 8 treatment sessions, each spaced a few weeks apart.

After undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatment, the effects can last several months to years. In some cases, people may even experience permanent hair reduction. However, the duration of results may differ based on several factors, such as hair type, skin tone, and the treated area.

Mild and temporary side effects such as redness or slight discomfort may occur but typically subside within a day or two, and the treatment doesn't require any downtime.

Follow these guidelines to get the best results and avoid side effects from Laser Hair Removal treatment. Avoid sun exposure and shaving in the treatment area before the treatment. After the treatment, avoid sun exposure, hot baths, and tight clothing for a few days. These simple steps can help ensure optimal results.

During Laser Hair Removal, you'll have a consultation and experience a brief stinging sensation as the laser targets hair follicles. The procedure is quick, and you can immediately return to your daily activities. Follow post-treatment care instructions for the best results.



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